SAVE YOUR SEEDS!! – Tips & Tricks

Saving your own heirloom garden seed year after year can be very rewarding! Here are 4 important tips on how to get started saving your own garden seeds:

Seed Saving TIP #1  
When saving your seeds, make they are open-pollinated heirloom (non-hybrid) seed varieties. These are the only seeds you can save to produce true-to-type crops year-after-year!  

Seed Saving TIP #2  
Start with easy-to-harvest crops such as peasbeanslettucepeppers, and tomatoes! Each of these are annuals and self-pollinating. Plus, you will only need a few plants to reap a decent harvest of seed.  

Seed Saving TIP #3  
Curious as to when it’s time to harvest? For crops with wet fruits, you’ll need to leave a few fruits on the plant to fully mature in the garden. If you’re harvesting from dry fruited crops such as grains, lettuce, or beans… they can be removed from the plant once the seeds are dry and hard.  

Seed Saving TIP #4  
Always store your garden seeds in a cool, dark, and dry place. These Seed vaults are the Perfect solution for long term seed storage.  Place your properly dried seeds into the airtight container and store it in the refrigerator or freezer for several years!  

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